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Warning – Canine Influenza (Dog Flu) is Back

Last year, the dog flu hit Chicago with a vengeance. A new strain of dog flu has been spreading in the United States with the main area of concern at this time is in the West. One recent case has occurred in Montana. Also the Washington State Health Department is warning pet owners about the possible spread of this new strain. Seattle has been affected where at least 90 dogs have been exposed and some dogs testing positive for the disease.

Luckily the disease is rarely fatal but your pet should be seen by your veterinarian if you suspect anything is […]

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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Flea Infestation

Most often when you have a pet, flea infestation would be a big problem difficult to avoid. Pets are an easy attraction of fleas and once your pet has them it very likely that they will attack your home, yard, or house. The best way to get rid of flea infestation is to keep your pet clean and healthy then treat your environment. But if you are already attacked, all is not lost, there are several majors you can follow to fight off the infestation.

There are many ways you can approach this and there are many varying opinions however […]

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Canine Heartworm Disease

What are canine heartworms?
Canine heartworms, Dirofilara immitis, are dangerous parasites that can infect your dog, greatly affecting your pet’s life span. Dog heartworms are actual worms that live in your pet’s heart. As you can imagine these worms fill the chambers of the heart and cause the heart to enlarge because of impaired blood flow. The presence of adult canine heartworms, if left untreated, leads to congestive heart failure. Even though I am referring to these worms as Canine (Dog) Heartworms, they can also occur in cats, which could be another blog post.
How can my dog become infected with […]