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Halloween Pet Safety Tips for Your Dog or Cat

Halloween Safety Tips for Keeping Your Dog or Cat Safe
Even though Halloween can be a fun and festive time for your children and family, in many cases that is not t same for your pet. In fact, for many pets Halloween can be a nightmare for these family members. Stress and danger can be very real for many pets. Please take the time to read this article and hopefully your pet will have a happy Halloween also.

Candy and Halloween Treats Safety Tips:

“All forms of chocolate, especially baking or dark chocolate, can be dangerous, even lethal, for dogs and cats.
Symptoms […]

Heat Stroke – Common Dog and Pet Problem in Florida

It is that time of year again. Living in Florida, as a pet owner, heatstroke is very common here in the Sunshine state and you should know what precautions to take. Also recognizing when heatstroke may be affecting your pet and what steps need to be taken if this occurs are essential.

The following article from the Veterinary Emergency Clinic (Learn About Heatstroke in Pets) provides some basic information about heatstroke.
Heat Stroke

One of the best things about living in Florida is the gorgeous weather we get to experience year round. However, we must also endure month’s humidity and high […]

Warning – Canine Influenza (Dog Flu) is Back

Last year, the dog flu hit Chicago with a vengeance. A new strain of dog flu has been spreading in the United States with the main area of concern at this time is in the West. One recent case has occurred in Montana. Also the Washington State Health Department is warning pet owners about the possible spread of this new strain. Seattle has been affected where at least 90 dogs have been exposed and some dogs testing positive for the disease.

Luckily the disease is rarely fatal but your pet should be seen by your veterinarian if you suspect anything is […]

Ebola | Can Pets Transmit This Disease?

Ebola is all over the news. A dog was euthanized in Spain because the owner came down with Ebola. This has created a controversy. The bottom line is we don’t really have enough facts and research to really make an educated decision. It would have been nice to have quarantined the dog so we could have gotten more information about the potential danger, if any. Below is an article created by Veterinary News Network (VNN) which will provide some information for you.
Can Ebola Virus affect our Dogs and Cats

• For the past several months, countries in West Africa have […]

Stop Dog Bites! Ten Things You Can Do to Help

Have you heard there was a National Dog Bite Prevention Week?
Yes, the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) National Dog Bite Prevention Week in 2014 is from the 18th of May until May 24 and the purpose, as always, will be on informing people about preventing dog bites.

Well, the the majority of these attacks can be greatly reduced. Who gets bitten the more often? Of course kids! Therefore, educating kids needs to be the job of the parents, especially if there are dogs in the family.

With 70 million dogs in the United States, there’s got to be a significant number […]

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    Have a Better Behaving Dog With Some Simple Dog Training Tips

Have a Better Behaving Dog With Some Simple Dog Training Tips

Pet Dog Training in a Few Easy To Understand Steps
There are numerous benefits to teaching your pet dog. Having fewer behavioral problems because your dog will be developing improved manners. This will in addition will offer you a more rewarding relationship with your buddy. Your pet will connect better with other people and youngsters. You will have the ability to take your animal with you to more places.


To stop an animal from digging in your backyard you will have to learn the cause. Some pets simply dig naturally; however, other pet dogs dig because they’re lonesome or want a […]

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    Does Your Dog Really Need a Lyme Disease Vaccination? Find Out.

Does Your Dog Really Need a Lyme Disease Vaccination? Find Out.

Lyme Disease Vaccination in Dogs – Veterinarians Don’t Agree
The argument continues whether to immunize or not vaccinate for Lyme disease. If veterinarians can not agree, how does a client choose. Anytime a veterinarian chooses to make use of a vaccine, Lyme disease or other, the vet has to weigh the risks and advantages for the client. So what are some of the factors to think about.

Where does your pet live?

Living in an endemic location for Lyme disease needs to be thought about. In humans, 95 % of Lyme disease cases are discovered in 12 endemic states in the Northeast, […]

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    Microchipping Your Pet | A Pet Microchip May Can Prevent Heartbreak

Microchipping Your Pet | A Pet Microchip May Can Prevent Heartbreak

Many pet owners love their pets as a member of the family. They would be devastated and heartbroken if their pet ran away or somehow got lost. Having a microchip implanted in your pet is a great way to assure that, in the event that your pet does run away or get lost, he will be returned.
Problems with Dog Tags that a Pet Microchipping Eleiminates
It is often required that pet owners have tags put on their dogs with the address and contact information for the pet’s home. The idea is so that if the dog is lost, anyone who […]

Happy Holidays but Watch Out for Potential Pet Toxins

The holiday season is a time of year when people decorate their homes of Christmas trees and have busy holiday plans. It is a time for cooking and baking desserts many of which include chocolate.
Ingestion of seasonal plants
We know that there are a lot of concerns around the holidays, especially certain potential intoxications such as chocolate and the ingestion of those seasonal plants. The three common plants that one finds around the holidays are poinsettias, holly and mistletoe.

Fortunately, none of these plants are particularly dangerous except that they can cause significant gastro-intestinal upset which would include vomiting and diarrhea. […]

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Flea Infestation

Most often when you have a pet, flea infestation would be a big problem difficult to avoid. Pets are an easy attraction of fleas and once your pet has them it very likely that they will attack your home, yard, or house. The best way to get rid of flea infestation is to keep your pet clean and healthy then treat your environment. But if you are already attacked, all is not lost, there are several majors you can follow to fight off the infestation.

There are many ways you can approach this and there are many varying opinions however […]